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Introducing our 2012 Ambassadors

Happy 2012 everyone!  Can you believe we have already wrapped up one month of the New Year?

This year is starting out just as busy and the old year ended for our CoreFitnessRoller® team, and I am happy to share that the response to the CoreFitnessRoller® continues to grow.

We are truly thrilled to see the number of trainers utilizing our equipment to help their clients kick off the new year in a positive, healthy, fashion.

Toward the end of last year we began our search for a few new CoreFitnessRoller® Ambassadors.  These certified trainers are true living examples of how positive movement patterns and balance create long term health and vibrancy.

They are amazing professionals who help their clients reach their personal health goals and live vibrant lives.

We received many submissions from amazing trainers around the world, and today we are thrilled to introduce you to our 2012 CoreFitnessRoller Ambassadors:

Diana Bustamante of Argentina

Diana defines herself as a Body-Mind personal trainer. As a Master Trainer who teaches fitness trainers how to incorporate body-mind techniques into their workouts, Diana’s specialties include Pilates, Stretching, posture and functional training. Her credentials are extensive and wide ranging. She is responsible for developing the first stretching for fitness program in Argentina in 1994, the first FitPilates mat program taught in gyms in Buenos Aires in 2000, and she has received several Fitness Awards in Argentina (Fitness Pioneer among them).

Diana has dedicated her life to promoting healthy styles of living, through teaching, writing articles, creating fitness and Pilates videos, performing at conventions and presenting on TV shows.

Diana first saw the CoreFitnessRoller in an advertisement in the IDEA Fitness Journal.

When I saw it for the first time I knew it was going to be THE equipment. The first thing I did when I arrived at World IDEA 2011 was to try the CFR in person and meet the inventor, Darya. I think the CFR is amazing because it allows multiple objectives to be completed with only one piece of equipment: balance, stability, strength, core control, flexibility, coordination, proprioception, and cardio!  You can do everything with the CFR, but it requires that you do it BETTER. With this tool, no cheating can happen. Pure control is required!


Sandie Hendrix of Indiana

As a teen, Sandie Hendrix, was a gymnast, a cheerleader and a Jazz dance enthusiast. In 2001 she started Pumps Fitness which offers group fitness, personal training and Pilates.

After an injury in 2003 and driven by extreme low back pain, Sandie was introduced to the miracle of myofascial release.

With this experience, Sandie focused her career on helping people to feel better. Working with young athletes and clients with Parkinson’s has meant a constant search for innovative exercises and tools to support this passion and commitment.

At Inner Idea Sandie was “WOW’d” by the CoreFitnessRoller.

“After 5 minutes on it, I purchased it. I have not been this excited about anything since I bought my first reformer. I can\’t wait to share this equipment with my clients and my fitness friends.  Thank you for exciting me all over again.”

Welcome aboard Diana and Sandie.  2012 is going to be an even better year with you on the team!


Warming Up for a Happy and Healthy 2011

Happy New Year!  Every new year can symbolize a new start and many people set their resolutions. Many “resolve” to go to the gym, workout more, lose weight, eat better, etc.  Instead of going full-tilt in January which usually results in a ‘crash and burn’ and a broken resolution, why not ease into it, like a warm-up for a workout and as you get fitter, stronger and more consistent, begin to increase time, intensity and before you know it, your “resolution to be healthier” becomes part of your lifestyle and not some short-ended unsuccessful plan. Instead plan for a healthier you year-round. Slow and steady, step by daily step, is typically the best way to start a new habit or life pattern.  You wouldn’t jump into a marathon without training for it, nor would you do a full sprint across a field without warming up…unless of course, you want to get injured or thwart your fitness or training plan.  A great way to start your “new year-round plan is with a great warm-up. A great warm-up gets you ready for a great workout.

Many of you have asked me over email or even posted on our Facebook page, “What is a Great Warm-up?”  How long should I warm-up?  Below are some tips and techniques I like to use for my own workouts and which I share with my own clients:

A warm-up is an important way for the body and the muscles to get ready for a workout. Most injuries occur at attachment sites of muscles and the warm-up is a critical way to help reduce these types of injuries. A proper warm-up gets the blood flowing through muscles and oxygenates the body as well, which in turn prepares the muscles for effective movement.

One good way to warm up is by using a foam roller, such as the CoreFitnessRoller.  A foam roller delivers self-myofascial release which helps increase blood flow within the muscle; ease and smooth the fascia and reduce areas of contraction thus getting muscles limber, long and ready for powerful movement.

So what is self-myofascial release (SMR)? SMR is a form of self-massage which is helpful for increased range of motion and relaxation of muscles.  When performed prior to a workout in place of static stretching, it helps create and maintain healthy muscle tone and also reduces the risk of potential injury or muscles tears caused by muscle contraction or tight muscles.

The SMR benefits of fascial and muscle release are wonderful before and after a great workout. In fact I believe whole heartedly that rolling before a workout is one of the critical steps to having a great workout. These elements combined also encourage the mind and body communication exchange, bring us more fully into a conscious presence in our bodies and create the mind-body connection; the first step towards a fantastic workout. All of this can be completed with simple moves within a 5-15 minute time span depending on your workout plan in each and every day.

I wish everyone a happy and healthy warm-up and the encouragement to gift yourself with permission for a wonderful New Year of year-round health!

Spread Health,


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