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Customer Feedback

It’s so wonderful to hear feedback about users on the CoreFitnessRoller.  This past week, we received a wonderful Thank You card from Kristin in Jackson.  She wrote:

“Dear Darya – Thank You.  I am loving my new Core Fitness Roller – so fun!  My 6 year old daughter is way into it also.  We are going to use it for Pilates Day Celebrations.  Thank  you!” – Kristin Painter

It makes me so happy to see where we are able to enrich someone’s life with the gift of good health and fitness and I especially love that Kristin can share this with her daughter.  If you are enjoying your CoreFitnessRoller as much as Kristin, I’d love to hear from you.  Or if you haven’t yet experienced the CoreFitnessRoller, what type of exercises do you enjoy doing with your friend/s, child(ren) or partner in life?  And what is it that makes that exercise special for you?  Please share by sending me an email at or post on our Facebook page.

To view a full image of the card, please click on the image below.

Best in Health,



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